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February 17, 2008
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I've run into some problems with my remote control system, and I'm starting to wonder if another solution might be the answer.

Currently for remote control, I am using the remote eye from my Hauppauge PVR-150 card, as MediaPortal has built-in support for it. I've added the codes to my Harmony 880, and it works a charm. This has worked for me to date, with a couple of issues, but nothing I couldn't ignore.

I've recently changed the hardware in my computer though, and the remote control function has stopped working. I've verified that the card is in device manager, I've removed it and added it back in the configuration, and of course verified that the eye is plugged in.

This isn't a thread about it not working though, it is more of an inquiry as to whether or not there might be something better out there that I can use. It does have to be IR, but I'm open to any suggestions as to what might work best.

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