Best external DVB-C tuner with CAM support for Windows 10?


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July 19, 2008

I recently bought a Terratec H7 rev 4 card, which I wanted to use in my new HTPC, that I just built, but I keep getting BSODs when installing the driver, and from similar posts here and other places, it does not seem to support Windows 10.

So I need to figure out what other card to pick up instead. Does anybody have any experience with this?

I am looking to use the CAM to decode the channels from the danish provider YouSee.

I do have room for internal turner cards, but I prefer an external one, but can make due with an internal one, if no good external ones exist.

Any suggestions?


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April 27, 2014
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Did you connect the H7 rev 4 card to USB 3.0? Commonly USB 3.x should be compatible downwards to USB 2.0 devices, but when searching about your card and the BSOD issue, the search results indicate, that you may try to connect it to USB 2.0. If you don't have USB 2.0 anymore, have a look into your BIOS/UEFI, if there are options like legacy usb support or something like that.

Please fill in your system specifications!


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  • September 1, 2008
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    I agree with Joutungwu. :)
    I'd be really surprised if the H7 is not compatible with W10. The driver is compatible with W8, and there weren't compatibility-breaking changes to USB support between W8 and W10.
    In addition to what Joutungwu said, I recommend that you check that you really have the revision 4, and make sure you're using the latest driver from TerraTec/Ultron's website.


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    July 19, 2008
    Hi guys.

    Thanks for your suggestion. It came in just the last minute, as I was about to return it to the vendor.
    If you had waited just one more day to reply, I would have sent it back.

    The real issue here was that I had bought my new HTPC (Skylake CPU and the works) and the tuner seperately, and the tuner arrived before the computer did, so I decided to plug it into my old HTPC to see if I could get it to work.
    And instead of using the drivers from the CD that came with the tuner, I decided to download them from the Terratec website, and I think I accidentally downloaded and installed the wrong drivers (the one for the pre-rev 4 cards), and once they were installed, I couldn't seem to get completely rid of them again afterwards, even though I later installed the correct drivers.
    So every time I plugged in the card into that now "tainted" PC, I got BSOD.

    I later received my new HTPC, but at that time, I already had decided to return the tuner, so I didn't think try it in that PC at all.
    Then I read your comment, and decided to give it a try in my new HTPC, so I installed the driver directly off the CD this time, and lo and behold, now the tuner installed correctly without giving me a BSOD :)
    So thanks for that. :)

    I haven't installed MP on my new HTPC yet, so I don't know, if I can actually get it to work and actually receive channels, but I will try it one of the next days. I just wanted to give a heads up that I had progress and thank you for the suggestion.

    If you are interested, I can post my results, once I install MP and see if I can get it to work.
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