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Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by doveman, November 15, 2011.

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    Started on: 15-11-2011
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    Summary: Keep multiple copies of logs, in individual sub-folders

    Area: Logging


    It's not the content of the logs that I think could be improved, just the way they're made.

    What would really save me a lot of time is:

    a) several levels of logs each made in a dated and timed subfolder under the logs folder. A new subfolder to be created each time MP is started (up to the max of e.g. 5)

    b) Several copes of TSReader.log to be kept in each subfolder, rather than it being deleted each time a channel is tuned into or recording played (again up to a max of e.g. 5)

    c) when debug log collector is run, it should put these subfolders in a zip, along with the system event logs, etc

    This would mean that I could run MP, tune into a TV channel, stop it, play a recording, change channel, etc and have a TSReader.log for each of those.

    Then I could close MP, maybe disable a plugin or two or run it in Debug Mode, and do some more testing.

    After doing this a few times, I could then run the log collector and have it create a zip containing logs for each run of MP ready to upload, along with comments describing how I ran MP, what I did, etc for each subfolder.

    At the moment, if I want to preserve each TSReader.log I'd have to manually copy the existing file each time before starting TV, etc. I also have to manually delete the logs before each run if I want to keep them tidy and easy for the devs to examine and I have to run the debug log collector several times, which is slow and tedious (particularly slow is the DXdiag part) and creates multiple zips I have to upload.

    I think my approach would make things easier for the user collecting the logs (meaning they're more likely to provide useful logs) and whoever needs to look at them as well.

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