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TV shows for example come in the format:
etc... Though I'm not worried about stacking TV shows.

What needs to be added is:

nameA.mpg, nameB.mpg
or whatever

XBMC manages to stack these all properly... I'm wondering if there will or is currently any work being done on this sort of (actually useful) stack?


It would be nearly impossible for the team to think of all the multiple ways in which someone names their various movies, tv seasons, etc in order to keep them straight - the only way to make everyone happy would be to let everyone plug in their own masks for the stack - it'd start filled in with the current standard, but you could add "* - Disk ##", that sort of thing, to tell Media Portal that when it sees a name ending with "- Disk 01", it's part of a stack.'

This could be adapted for TV shows too - while I wouldn't necessarily want to permanently "stack" the episodes, having MP be able to tell they're all the same series so it can let me watch one straight after the other - and know where I was when I stop in the middle of the season and come back to it later, like you can with movie files would be INSANELY handy.

Steve Warner

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July 16, 2005
I agree. The ability for each user to define what constitutes a stack would be a great improvement. I have movies and tv shows backed up on disc that simply can not be renamed. Without the ability to tell MP that "movie.1.avi" and "movie.2.avi" should be stacked, I'm SOL.

Please add my vote to this feature. :)

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