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I have been following the threads on a number of problems and reported fixes including one of particular irritation to me: the TVGuide import problem. This has reportedly been fixed but MP must be recompliled before most users can get access to it. There are probably very few of us who have facilities to recompile MP so that we can keep using MP

In the case of the TVGuide type of problem this renders a large part of MP unusable. I've seen some postings that people have gone back to an earlier version of MP rather than do without this capability. For some of us that isn't practical as did not work properly with our configurations.

The CVS lists "patches" but these are really modifications to source, requring recompilation before they are usable. Those of us who have been in the IT game for a while know a true patch as a binary modification that can be applied to a running binary to modify its behavior until the next compilation.

Given the state of development and rapid pace of changes, "fixes", enhancements and improvements to MP it seems to me that a true binary patch facility would be very useful for those of us without compilation facilities.


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  • September 28, 2004
    Compliling MP does not require much.
    I have succesfully compiled and installed mine MP from version All necessary information is on forums too.

    Only drawback of using CVS version of MP is that sometimes it is a bit unstable.

    Anonymous cvs does not follow dev cvs exactly. Sourceforge updates anonymous cvs in cycles and anon cvs could be several hours "late". If that is not an issue (need to test fix within minutes) you can start your own complication with nant right away.



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  • April 22, 2004
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    we won't supply other binaries to the public other than the releases.
    In our IRC chat we give test builds very frequently but this is not a rule.

    If one asks, one gets there most of the times.


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  • April 27, 2004
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    you can download a daily CVS Build here, if you cannot wait one or two weeks until the next official release. ;)

    But be aware, that a CVS Build might be buggier than an official release!

    HTH, Flip.

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