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April 13, 2009
I have my HTPC connected with 2 methods. First with ATI HDMI to Pioneer receiver and second with VGA and PC Realtek audio to the TV directly. The reason for that is because sometime I don't want to turn on everything to use the HTPC.

When I have the receiver on I can bitstream through HDMI surround with no problem but when I use PC VGA and PC sound to play DTS or surround DVD the LAV codec still tried to bitstream the raw sound to my PC sound which result with sa sa sound. Non surround source is OK.

I have just installed MP 1.3 beta and is using the default LAV codec. I don't have this problem before when I was using ffdshow and MP 1.2.3. The HTPC can automatically switch between the HDMI or PC sound output by itself when I have the receiver on or off.

This is not very important but just wondering why.

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