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April 25, 2012
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Maybe when I upgrade entire system I'll get cablecard tuners. For now, I'll just switch to antenna -- my favorite channel (PBS) doesn't come in as well, but I'll get over it and save $25 per month in the bargain. Fixed income retiree here.


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  • January 7, 2008
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    I am in the Netherlands and my cablecompany encrypts all channels except one or two.. What works in my situation is FloppyDTV-C-CI (for Cable with CAM interface)+ Alphacrypt classic CAM in which the cable company smartcard goes..

    What is important, is to know the encryption method your cable company will use, in my case Irdeto II is used which can be decoded by the Alphacrypt, but I know another cablecompany (UPC) uses the exotic Nagravision encryption, and there the FloppyDTV solution does not work (there does not exist a CAM that can decrypt this)

    What also seems to work fine is the solution with Anysee which has a "soft" CAM (with digital cable you need the 30C Plus), but is a small box where the cable is connected to and the smartcard is going into, and then via USB 2.0 to the HTPC.

    my 2 cents... :)

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