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  • March 24, 2014
    Czech Republic Czech Republic
    The remote control in the Browse The Web plugin in new MP1.8.0 Pre-release does not work for selection of the link.
    There are numbers for each link available on web page as it should be to control it via remote control, but when I press any number on remote control, nothing happen, just for number 1 it will set up the volume to max.
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  • March 24, 2014
    Czech Republic Czech Republic
    here is the log file. To explain in better way, I have fresh Win 8.1 x64 installation with MP1.8.0 prerelease + few plugins only:
    • Browse the web
    • File Explorer
    • LAV filters
    • Titan Extended
    • WorldWeather Lite

    I have the issue with Browse the Web & MCE remote (numeric buttons). The numeric numbers on MCE remote control does not work (in order to select link ID to browse the web site) - like numeric buttons on remote (and also on keyboard) does not work.

    If I press on MCE remote control:
    • button start (*) -> it display number 8 (like I would press numeric button 8)
    • button pound sign (#) -> it display number 3 (like I would press numeric button 3)
    • any button from 0 to 9 -> it does not do anything (should display pressed number to select proper link ID to browse the web site)

    I just discovered this is an issue with keyboard selection:) If I have a CZ keyboard, it does not work, if I have US keyboard, it works fine:)

    Anyway could be useful for others....


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