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November 27, 2007
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Hi there

I need a new card for my HTPC low profile.
Basically i only use to playing movies or music. No games here!

Choose Nvidia ou ATI?
- Nvidia have support for Lav codec and ATI no.
- ATI need to use CPU

So, if i buy Nvidia what to choose?
- GT210
- GT520
- GT610
- GT620

Sorry about my English.
Thanks :)


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September 3, 2011
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I always prefer Nvidia.
I have a GT520 running smoothly in my MP client system. Plays HD content without any problems.
If you want your system to be silent, choose a passive model. GT620 should also be a good choice.
I'm not sure about the GT*10 series, havent's had one of those but maybe they are a little too weak for 1080i.


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  • February 2, 2005
    ATI has support within LAV, with DXVA2 native or DXVA2 cb.

    I prefer DXVA2 native with my ATI cards HD7750 pci-e, HD4650 AGP, HD4200 OB, HD2400pci.

    I would recommend not going below an HD4650 spec if you want full HD output with quality at a max (BluRay aswell as the more difficult broadcast HD)

    The HD7750 is a superb card and the best I have so far bought in many many years.
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