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April 13, 2009
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I've been looking to ditch MCE for a while because my TV receiver (Hauppauge Nova USB 2) was dropping the occasional frame and the tuning process was a complete nightmare.

I'm impressed with MP. I have a great smooth picture and after a few hiccups with the install of the database things seem to be working. The only thing right now I want to improve is the power management. Here's where I think I am now and then where I want to be. I hope somebody can give me some ideas.

Situation now:-
  • I can go to suspend using the mediaportal button and the system restarts to do recordings
  • If I suspent using Vista's start menu button, the wake up doesn't happen. I'm guessing the wake up timer is only primed if you initiate the shutdown from the mediaportal.
  • I can shutdown the PC from the start menu even if a recording is in progress.
  • I have to turn off windows power management to make sure the TV Server shuts down and primes the wake up event.

What I'd like:-
  • I'd like to block user initiated shutdowns/suspends during recording like MCE does
  • I'd like to be able to power down my PC using the normal start menus or windows power management
  • I'd like it like this because this isn't a PC dedicated to TV. It is also used for other computing tasks by the family.

Anybody any ideas?

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  • November 8, 2008
    powerscheduler client and server plugins.

    set up both plugins

    machine will sleep after a specified time and wake for record events

    machine will remain awake for specified processes (ie defrag, disk imager, vlc, etc)

    dont suspend manually - allow the plugins to do it. System is pretty reliable - if you advise people using the machine to close any "trigger" applications (above) when finished with the machine, it will go into suspend of its own accord.

    Instructions on how to set it up are in the manual.

    I Dont know of a way to link shutdown to start menu so there's a warning (that doesnt mean there isnt one!)

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