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July 15, 2010
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Hi all

I have dolphin setup with the /b and /e arguments but pressing my mapped button (stop) doesnt stop emulation.

I have had a play and tried mapping esc to stop and ticking the escape option but not luck. Am I missing something here?


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  • March 21, 2007
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    It seems to work OK here with the latest stable Dolphin

    Arguments: -b -e
    Tick 'Exits on Escape Key' (you can still map any key you like to close, this option just causes the plugin to 'virtually' press the Esc key when you press your mapped key)
    Ensure that you have enabled 'Stop emulation with mapped button' under the options tab and that you are not overriding this with the corresponding setting in the emulator profile tab.

    I also opened Dolphin and unticked 'Config->Interface->Confirm on stop' to stop the confirmation dialog when closing.

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