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  • May 11, 2010
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    I can't login to the Wiki to make a change (I'll list it below as well, in case something is broken)

    I've tried my email address & user id. Admins please note my email address has two separate hyphen/minus ASCII 002 characters, which whilst 100% DNS legal often screws up badly written parsers or sanitize()


    Page to be changed

    Addition - link to

    to show how to clear the database, if it goes screwy like mine has


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    @alister - sorry I never saw your post - I seem to be missing some notifications :( Can you login to wiki now? You just use your forum user name and password (not email). But you have to be a 'portal member' to login to wiki i.e. have at least 5 forum posts which you did not on Feb 12. If you have any trouble, make sure you logout and back in on the website Home page (not forum) to re-sync your permissions. In any case I have added the link to Manual Control - thanks for the tip - it's the little things like this that make our Wiki better!
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