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April 29, 2009
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Well .. it's all installed, and seems to be (mostly) working, but my 'ead 'urts 'orribly.

However, I cannot change from the default folder for TV recording.

The advice in FAQs is: --> Television --> Capture Cards --> Select (your) Capture Card from the list --> Edit
but there is no capture card list offered in Media Portal config. I've replaced the 'My Docs .... etc' in the video folders
entry, but recordings still go to 'My Docs .... '

Also, after installation (it took 3 days!), with everything seemingly OK, the first reboot brought up a banner (which froze the PC) declaring that a reference renderer was being installed. A reset and reboot worked OK, but whether the said renderer was installed or not, I do not know, and wonder anyway why it was required, since it all seemed OK before the reboot.

PC has 3.2 Ghz P4, 2Gb memory, with XP SP3. TV card is KWorld 3990U, with latest BDA driver installed. TV and EPGs work fine.

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