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January 9, 2009
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I have a M2A-VM hdmi motherboard and a really crappy monster sized case. It's using most of the space under my tv so wanted to get a small preferably square, upright case. The problem is that I have the HDMI PCI board to deal with which is full height.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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April 13, 2005
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stu_mchugh I hope you don't mind me joining your request for recomendations.

I have a similar motherbord (M2N-VM hdmi) and I'm allso interested in recomendations for a smal form factor case. I would like a slim desktop type box at a resonable price.


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October 1, 2006
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Try the Antec nsk2480. Dont go for the more blinged up fusion, I think a lot of people have trouble getting the vfd working, and you can do everything with the remote anyway. I have its predecessor the nsk2400 and love it. Its not quite sff, but looks great under my telly. Really well thought out case. BTW I have the same MB as you too...


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January 1, 2009
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Antec NSK-2480...

I also have the Antec NSK-2480 case, really great case. Reasonably silent too :). Looks very nice in my television cabinet. It only accepts mATX mainboards and accepts normal height PCI/PCIe cards. I have Cooler Master GeminII CPU Cooler (very large, passive heatpipe cooler) and it fits very nicely :D. Although, things can get a bit tight when you put a lot of stuff in it :p.


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  • January 17, 2009
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    I have M2A-VM inside a Silverstone SG01 Evo - not exactly a HTPC Case...but closer than most. I had to have a case that would be < 10.75" and it fit the bill nicely. With only 3 fans (2x8cm thermal controlled,1x12cm thermal ) running, it is quite. I can not hear it from 2.5m away and only hear the fans if I am using mouse to do installs or maintenance (remote takes to long to do what I want).

    I also have in it a Gigabyte 7600GT HDMI Single Slot Passive cooled and HT Omega Claro sound card. Temps on a hot day (ambient = 27C) will get no higher than GPU=57C, CPU=41C, MB=37C, HD=30C. CPU is has a passive hs on it and uses the power supply 12cm fan to cool. 1 8cm fan blows over the HD and the other pulls air in from the top. I did as a test only use the power supply fan and the case temps only went up 7C however the HD went up 10C.

    I used Silverstone's LCD (Soundgraph oem) to do display and remote.

    Best of all it was cheap in comparison to other htpc boxes at the time (2 or 3 years ago).

    Just my small thoughts is all.

    Note: My box is UNDER clocked to reduce heat production. I can still play HD (.ts), timeshift HD (.ts) and record HD (.ts) with no studdering or performance issues. What is even more fun is I can Terminal Server in as another user at the same time I am watching TV and do things like rip DVD's, install software, surf web etc.


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