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November 1, 2006
I just built a system using this case and I love it so far.... my old case was a Zalman HD 135, which I liked, but the Moncase with its low-profile truly looks like a high-end CE DVD player that doesn't stand out among the other HT devices on the TV stand.

I didn't use the built-in IR receiver, because I had an external MCE receiver, which worked flawlessly, was already programmed for my Harmony, and allows more optimal placement. But, other than that everything went together real well.

Over on AVSForum a couple people using this case said they had heat issues... so I went ahead and added two 80mm fans in the lower vents under the hard disk enclosures to suck cool air in from below/in front of the case. I am using the stock AMD CPU cooler on an A6-3500, with both the case fans and the CPU fan speed-managed by the motherboard BIOS using the onboard temp sensors, and neither of them ever spin above minimum RPMs.

Moncaso 312B Build:

- AMD A6-3500 Stock Cooler
- Gigabyte A75m-d2h motherboard
- Cooler Master 600W modular Power Supplu w/ 120mm fan
- 1x AMD "Entertainment" (Patriot) 4GB DD3 1600mhz module
- 60GB Corsair Force GT SSD boot drive
- 3TB Fujitsu 5400RPM HDD
- 1TB WD Green 5400RPM HDD
- LG Blu-Ray drive (don't remember model number)

Everything fit together well, and it runs absolutely silent. This was my first build with SSD, and DAMN does that make a huge difference in speed/responsiveness of the system.

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