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May 11, 2008
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Hi Guys,


I'm putting together a skin editing tool that will abstract the XML documents to be a graphical editor (simple, but should require less knowledge of XML and will help users avoid messing things up accidentally, and needing to debug for hours).

I have two tasks

1) Catalogue all "Valid" options for the XML files, and create a set of rules. This is effectively documentation, but works by restriction rather than education

2) Creating an interface to edit the files in a helpful manner.

The thread i have created on the tool is here


After putting the tool out there for alpha testing it turned out it broke everyone's skins because of case sensitivity.

It made me wonder what is case sensitive and what is not case sensitive. Furthermore what is the correct case to use when both versions of an element seem to exist?

<ID> is wrong, <id> is right, so I have locked it down on <id>

<colordiffuse> and <colorDiffuse> both exist in Blue3Wide, is one of them correct, or are they both correct? more confusingly are the cases different depending on what control type has been selected?

The animation events windowopen, and WindowOpen are in blue3Wide, but visible is always visible... do the values of elements have case sensitivity? i.e. true vs True? or yes vs Yes?

Working out what is correct will really help things along.
On another note, how possible would it be to make all elements case insensitive? is it a parser option, or is it hard coded?

Cheers guys.


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January 23, 2009
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I'm new to MediaPortal, but I do know that XML tags are case-sensitive. That is true of all XML files. The correct capitalization of the tags you are referring to should be specified in the XML schema for MediaPortal skins. It could be possible that both elements (e.g. colordiffuse AND colorDiffuse) are defined, but I would guess that one of them is invalid.

It's not possible to make the tags case-insensitive, because then they could no longer be considered XML files.

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