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January 17, 2005
Hi all,

I believe that one of the primary uses of MP is to serve as PVR, and as such it is very important to have a practical and intuitive way to schedule programs to be recorded. This was already raised on a previous topic but it was not very well described, so let me present you with my ideas on how to improve the TV scheduler:

First, the screen where you enter the program to be recorded is displayed with fonts which are a bit too tiny if you are using a TV set, so I guess that some tweaking with the skins should do it.

Second, the current layout has the beginning of recording at the left hand side, and end at the right-hand side, which is a reason why the font size can't be too big. Furthermore, to move around the time/dates with the UP/DN,LT/RT keys does not match what you see on screen (sometimes you have to press down to move the cursor to the right!)

So I would suggest to change the layout and display it vertically, as such:

MTV <>

Starts: 'Time' 'Date'
--:-- <> 14/05/2005 <>

Ends: 'Time' 'Date'
--:-- <> 14/05/2005 <>


Then you can use up/down to move between the lines, and left/right to move within each line.

Third, the system currently takes the present date as a default. But if you change the date where the program starts (let's say monday next week), it should automatically change the end date to the same day, otherwise you get a program that ends before it starts; ok, that's obviously not possible, but it would save time and hassles not to have to change manually both starting date and ending date. In most cases they will be the same.

Finally, the screen where all the recordings are shown (both waiting and done): it would be more informative if not only the time and date of the recording was shown, but also the channel. Come to think of it, it would be quite useful if it was possible to enter a name for the recording (optional), so that it's easier to identify, and also that this name would be used as the file name.

Ok that was all :shock:

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