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September 5, 2006
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I need some help with this one. my channel is not changing.

how do I tell MP to send channel change request to serial port instead of MCE IR dongle(usb)? I already copied the two dll files to process dir and enabled the plugin and set to port com1.

I have Motorolla DCT2224-1361 with 3.5mm high speed data port on back. I made a db9 to 3.5mm serial port data cable(pin 3 Tx to tip, pin 2 rx to middle and pin 5 gnd to base of the 3.5mm)


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July 17, 2011
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Hello next week will have my first HTPC and I think this is actually what I need I'm living in Macau SAR near Hong Kong and the cable provider has a Motorola HM-STB120E set top box and would like to get it setup for PVR function hope you can help me out with this looking forward to having a HTPC

Hello, everyone. I'm new to Media Portal development and brand new to the forums.

I've created a process plugin that changes the channel on the Motorola Digital Cable box connect via serial cable. The setup allows you to choose which COM port to use and everything else is taken care of.

I have the assemblies and source code zipped up and ready to go. You can download them at

Just copy the MotorolaSerialCableTuner.dll and SerialPort.dll to your plugins\process directory under Media Portal. After that, enable the plugin (named "Motorola Serial Cable Tuner") and run the setup to change the COM port. Make sure you have your channels setup for an external set top box with the proper channel number for your cable box being passed in.

I hope this helps out a few people and that I haven't duplicated anyone's work. Let me know if there are any problems.

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