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    Started on: 2013-06-19
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    Should it be possible to add a tooltip in the channel list showing the tuning details of a channel?

    TVSetup - Channel List


    This request comes from a problem I had to deal with a few days ago.
    While srting my TV chanels, I created a group related to my subscription. I had a chanel list from my provider with a few details and I searched for every single chanel in the chanel list to add it to my chanel group. Not a big deal, but...
    Having a tooltip on a chanel that could show the tuning details would be very helpfull.

    Let's say I wanted to add a chanel called "My Chanel". I seach for "My Chanel" ( that is very quick, thank you :) ) and I have 6 results on variaous transponders or frequencies. I know that my provider allow my card to decrypt "My chanel" on a specified transponder and I have the frequency of it. At this point, I have to have a look of every "My Chanel' to see the actual tuning detail to find the good one (the one I can decrypt).
    A tooltip would make chanel sorting much more faster :)

    Thanks for reading,

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