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August 3, 2005
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Hi all,

maybe I only don't know it better but I find it rather uncomfortable to navigate to a certain TV-channel. Going through the channel by up- und down-button or going through the OSD that shows the channels in a row takes some time.

Jumin' to the next channel in the OSD takes let's say ... half a second (I mean NOT switching - which takes longer). As I have roundabout 30 channels, going to one of the last ones takes 15 seconds and a lot of clicks ... And always when going back to OSD it always starts with the FIRST channel again ...

How about developing more an OSD "channel MATRIX" which displays the GROUPS that are defined? I tried to fake one:

In that example I have four channel groups with 5 to 6 channels each. Four sure it's more complex ... one can have more groups than fit to the screen horizontally and more channels that fit to the screen vertically. So the possibility to scroll in both dimensions and directions is needed.

What do you guys think?

I could help with everything that is not developing (not much probably)


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