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February 8, 2013
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Hello all,

This is my first post on the MediaPortal forums, because I have an issue and am looking for some help. I am trying to set up a MediaPortal server for primarily radio broadcasts/epg's/recordings throughout the house. I purchased an MSI Digi@nywhere TV Tuner card which supports FM radio tuning, but had no luck getting it to work with MediaPortal due to unsupported software encoders. :(

After much effort and messing with settings, I have decided to give up on the Digi@nywhere card, and would like to buy a Tuner Card which is known to be 100% compatible with MediaPortal when decoding/tuning FM radio. My requirements are:

- Must have a hardware encoder on the card (I'm not messing with software encoding anymore, unless it's known to be 100% compatible with MediaPortal)
- Must be a regular PCI card (NOT PCI-E, as it's the only slot I have left on my board)

Any ideas? I would appreciate any help finding a card, as i have no idea what to really look for! Again, this card is going to be used to tune purely radio! Thank you very much!


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    I'm using an HVR2200 and it works fine with MP analog radio, but unfortunately it is PCI-E.

    I would look into the HVR1700, it is PCI and has a hardware analog encoder. I can't tell you with certainty that the radio part works with MP, but I know the DVB-T component works well with MP, and hauppague is generally well supported within MP, so there is a good chance it would work.

    Have you tried your analog card with MP1.3 Final? What error are you getting, did you manually add the channel then map the channel to the analog card? Setting up radio channels in mediaportal is messy, you have to do it manually because the automatic scanner is crappy and the setup process is really confusing. There is internal talk about the whole tvserver radio configuration section being overhauled hopefully in MP1.4 or MP1.5
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    March 17, 2013
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    ...not exactly your request, but also satelite (DVB-S/S2) streams many radio stations - that's how I use currentyl radio.
    But if you have any hints for USB-FM-devices, let me know. Thanks.

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