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June 17, 2011
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will this mean the start of the end of what we do here in regards to blurays and dvds, will mepo be forced to not play mkvs and other files that contain the protection.
Theres a lot of discussion about this and i see slysoft are working on a program called slyce which may help but anydvd will not ever work against this protection system.

What do people think? will we be crippled by sonys new limitation and should we not be aloud to make a backup of our legally purchased product for our own use in our home networks etc?


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  • December 17, 2010
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    Copy Protection is just a way to make big money for the company providing this protection but did not help in any way to prevent copying... And it's nasty for legal users of Content, only for legal users. Just another step of making "Original" worse than "Copy"

    If it's in PC it's cracked...
    DVDFab provides a commercial solution to bypass Cinavia activation
    Just a matter of some days/weeks until this is completely "resolved".
    And as for Standalone Players. Just another way to make China comercially greater. They will produce BD Player without this, for sure as in China copying is a normal thing...


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    August 14, 2007
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    Cinavia is will only affect devices that support the technology.

    "When media with the watermark is played back on a system with Cinavia detection, its firmware will detect the watermark and check that the device on which it is being played is authorized for that watermark. If the device is not authorized (such as not being an authorized movie projector in the case of a cam bootleg, or not utilizing AACS in the case of a copy of a commercial Blu-ray disc or CSS in the case of a copy of a commercial DVD), a message is displayed (either immediately or after a set duration) stating that the media is not authorized for playback on the device and that users should visit the Cinavia web page for more information. Depending on the device and firmware, once the message is triggered, the audio may be muted, or playback may stop entirely"

    PS3s and some bluray players have the technology and will mute the audio if it is a copied file.

    So far I know of no TV's/Sound systems with the technology.

    You'll be fine for a while as a PC will play the files with no problems.

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