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September 3, 2012
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Every weekday (for the past 2 months) I get up and turn on the computer (client) at around 8:15 am to watch some television with no problems. Well last night I cancelled a recording I have had for the last 2 months that starts at 8am. So this morning I get up and turn on the client at 8:15am and I get the cannot connect to TV Service screen. I have my computer wake up at a 7am and not go to sleep until 12pm to avoid these kinds of issues.

So I go to the server and open Task Manager and notice that TVService.exe isn't running! So i'm wondering why this is happening? It was working just fine until I cancelled the 8am program.

I noticed that MP 1.3.0 will have some type of mechanism where anytime TVService.exe stops it will restart it automatically? Is there anyway to achieve this with 1.2.3?
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