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Nisse Q

As far as I can see, the model for HTPC's today is one HTPC connected to one TV/projector. With more and more PC's in the homes, a more relevant model would be to have one media server, and the other PC's working as clients.

The server would have the central media library and one or more TV tuners. Having the TV tuners centrally becomes even more important when having satellite or terrestrial subscriptions with a smart card.

The clients can be any PC in the house. For instance you can watch the morning news on the kitchen PC, or the late movie from your laptop in the bedroom. Maybe I make a pause in my Xbox game to watch the nine o'clock news. Trough a broadband connection you could even use your TV tuner (and subscription) when travelling. Of course the same thing applies for music, movies and pictures as well.

Are these ideas in any MP plans? I would like to have feedback on this. Do you think this is a model for the future or are there any better ideas out there? Please challenge me on this.


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Don't take any offence, but can you please do a search for uPNP, and for the terms client/server, because I'm sure this has been discussed before.

I think the general concensus is that the devs want to get MP working perfectly on one PC first, before turning it into a client/server solution, because doing so would take a while and would also mean a lot of recoding. If it was done now, then there wouldn't be a stable standalone MP version, nor a stable client/server version of MP.


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