Comskip build 0.80.011 Released (1 Viewer)


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January 28, 2006
The h.264 version is only available in the eadly access area

From the changelog

Changes in 0.80.011
- New parameter: added_recording=7 ; amount of minutes that are added before and the actual show in the recording.
Changes in 0.80.010
- When before_logo or after_logo are set to 999 then a hard cutpoint will be inserted where the logo (dis)appears
- Improved again the robustness of the h.264 decoder (was lost in build 0.80.009)
Changes in 0.80.009
- Bug solved: Sometime the audio decoding stops
- Added the output format for iPod chapter skipping, enable by setting output_ipodchap=1 this will generate a .chap file with a chapter marker before and after each commercial.
- Removed the very small commercial found at the end of many recordings.
- Bug solved: Sometime Comskip crashes when output_smi or output_srt where enabled
- Bug solved: Comskip crashes on a h.264 recording that changes resolution
Changes in 0.80.008
- Doubled the speed of h.284 decoding. Only available in early access area. YOu MUST copy all the DLL's inside the zip file next you comskip.exe and comskipGUI.exe.
Changes in 0.80.007
- The non h.264 version is now again available outside the donator area.
- Solved a very generic cause of crashing. You MUST use the new libavcodec.dll that comes with this release.
- Made some experimental improvements in determining the audio type.
Changes in 0.80.006
- Implemented a major robustness improvement in libavcodec.dll. YOu MUST use the libavcodec.dll included in this distribution Zip file.
Changes in 0.80.005
- Dumping a cutscene with the 'C' key is working again, was broken since build 0.79.140
- Improved the demuxing of TS recordings with corrupt PMT info
Changes in 0.80.004
- Changed the video detection for TS files to enable processing of clear QAM recordings.
- Changed the default detect_method to 43 as the CC decoding sometimes causes Comskip to crash
Changes in 0.80.003
- Increased the robustness of the h.264 decoder
- Increased the robustness of the CC extractor
- Removed the "_1" filename postfix for CC output files.
Changes in 0.80.002
- Removed the embedded manifest as for some reason there is a crash on certain systems
Changes in 0.80.001
- Added h.264/AAC decoding on TS recordings. Not working yet on converted h.264 files. Do set max_volume=0 as the volume level is not normalized yet. AAC decoding still fails on certain recordings. No preview of .h264 yet

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