[DVD] Config option: External Player only for BluRay, not for DVD? (1 Viewer)


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August 11, 2014
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Started on: 2014-08-17
last update: 2014-08-17

Be able to discern between DVD and BluRay for "External Player" option in DVD/BluRay module
add possibility to configure external player only if the selected disc/image is a BluRay, not a DVD

Hi folks,

using MP 1.x, I have many untouched rips in ISO format where I use the auto mount mechanism and external player e.g. for BluRay ISO successfully.

However, once I configure external Player for the DVD module (which handles also BluRay), there is no option to have the external Player only for BluRay ISO.

As the MediaPortal internally must be able to determine "is this a DVD or is this a BluRay", it should be possible to have it separated.

I would suggest this as a new feature, to have possibility to configure external Player only for BluRay (if there is a BluRay disk in the optical drive or if the selected ISO that got mounted is a BluRay) and keeping for DVDs (if there is a DVD disk in the optical drive or if the selected ISO that got mounted is a DVD) the internal Player.

Or is this already possible?


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