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August 31, 2009
Hello Everybody,

Iam working with MyEmulators2,

it works already very fine, with all joypas config and starting but i can't close the following emulators with ESC KEy:

Snes9X (SNES)
Nestopia (NES)
VirtualBoy (Gameboy)
Project64 (Nintendo 64)
Gens (Sega Emulator for Moega System, Gamegear, etc.)

The option is checked an d i have read the config posts on top, everything looks correct.

Also i have the problem that PSCX2 don't load roms on the start.

Does anyone have an idea?


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    The 'exits on escape key' tells the plugin to send the esc key to close the emulator when you press the mapped key (NOT close the emulator on the escape key, I need to make this clearer;) ) - this option is only needed for epsxe as far as I'm aware and should be unchecked for all of your emulators.

    You can map a key to close emulators in the Options tab.

    PCSX2 seems to work OK here with a quick test, are you using the recommended config, i.e. '--nogui' (double dash, without quotes) as arguments and 'use quotes in paths' enabled. You'll also probably want to set 'Default to fullscreen' from within PCSX2 itself or add '--fullscreen' to arguments.
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