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November 2, 2004
I hope this is neither a duplicate nor an already implemented feature. I've been searching for it in the forum but nothing sounded like it.

I have a PACE STB (SkyItaly) and the MCE remote with the two IRBlaster to change channel.
Let's say this is working fine (thanks to the MyBlaster plugin).

Now what I really would love to have is to only use one remote when I watch TV (the MCE remote off course).

I'm still far from that (I still need to switch on the TV and switch to AV channel manually) but there is something that makes a lot of sense to me, to forget about the PACE remote and only use MCE remote.

What I'm missing are some buttons when playing TV in full screen.
The PACE remote is actually very similar to the MCE remote, with the 4 coulored button and the arrows+ok button. They allows the user to access advanced services (especially during sport events but not only) they I use a lot.
For the time being if I want to access these parts while watching TV via MP I have to use the second remote. On the other hand I could very well use the ones from the MCE remote.
When I'm not in FullScreen TV anymore, everything is as it is now.

Do you thing this make sense?

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