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September 12, 2004
Frankfurt, Germany
Hi everyone,

since the Winlirc plug-in did not seem to be making any progress I decided to buy an MCE2005 remote. I am quite happy with it and tha way it works in MP. Also the USB receiver does not impose a load on the CPU for decoding commands so response is more immedeate.

I only miss some functions I used to have like the "Y" key for marking music to be added to the playlist. I know this can also be done by the menu invoked by the yellow button but this is cumbersome.

The Green windows button does not seem to do anything so I would like to assign the "Y" to it but I am sure others would probably like to use it for something else like starting MP. What I am getting at is that it would be nice to have a way to assign keys in the "configure" utility. Is this planned? if not please consider it I am sure many users would appreciate such a feature.

Anyway this program is getting better and better I really appreciate the hard work all the programmers have put in. Keep up the good work!



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