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  • March 7, 2005
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    Hey all,

    For people running low resolution displays (like SD TVs) it would be really nice if there was a scroll bar on the right hand side of the configuration app so that we didn't lose important buttons off the bottom of the screen. This makes it almost impossible to configure TV channel groups in resolutions with only 480 vertical pixels (IE. 848x480 / 640x480). And it effects some of the other configuration screens too (General and Filters to name a couple).

    I know there are ways around this ... Use VNC to log in over a network and temporarily increase the resolution to make configuration changes ... but if the configuration app was made to fit 640x480 or if a scroll bar was added it would probably make things easier for new users in this situation.

    Also, While I've got the chance, I just wanna say ... The latest CVS release 06-21-2005 is fantastic! is shaping up to be awesome. Keep up the good work guys.


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  • January 30, 2005
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    Hepp- I'm all over this. I thought I was the only one using Ultra-VNC to configure.

    My Plasma is only 640*480

    Please make this possible.


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  • December 7, 2004
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    I do use Ultra-VNC but dont have as much problem because Im using 720x576 (PAL resolution) for my SDTV. Only the bottom of the OK/cancel buttons are cut off so its not so much of a problem.

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