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March 19, 2009
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I am having trouble getting the guide setup properly so I will post it here and perhaps someone will explain it to me. When I scan for channels I get 100 and some odd channels. They all work great but there is no data in the guide. I have schedules direct working and it pull down the info. This is where I get confused. After the guide info is downloaded I have a problem with duplicate channels. TV server shows my orginal 100 odd c hannels with no channel name plus another set of channels with channel data. These new channels with data do not actually work they just have the guide info. How do I get the schedule direct info to merge into the working channels scanned without creating the second set of duplicate channels? Thanks


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November 9, 2006
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Analog channels, or digital?

If they are analog channels, I suggest NOT scanning. Delete all channels in TV Server, then set the Schedules Direct options to "automatically add channels", "include analog", and "run on next service start". Make sure your SD lineup is correct, and stop/start the TV Server service to kickstart it. That way your schedules direct lineup will set the tuning parameters for you.

If it's digital, and you use a set top box and a blaster, this will also work.

If it's mixed, e.g. analog cable and QAM locals, like I have, it's a little more difficult. In this case, still let SD add the channels, then you'd scan the digital tuner, then manually identify the channels (removing all the scrambled ones) picked up by the scan. Then in the Channels table in the database, copy the "externalID" column value from the schedules-direct-added version of the channel to the picked-up-by-scanning version of the channel. Then delete the SD copy of the channel and all should work OK. (Channels won't be re-added.)

QAM sucks. The cable companies are mandated to provide local digital broadcasts in the clear over cable, but they are not required to make it easy. They even move the channels around occassionally - at least my provider does.


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April 15, 2009
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this works also.


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  • October 9, 2006
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    Wow, thanks for that information Milhouse. I've been using SD successfully for a year now, but I've always just scanned, remapped, and deleted extra channels. This will definitely save me time in the future! The more you know....

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