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August 22, 2013
I'm a current WMC user and am looking for an alternative that fits my needs. Basically in my ideal world I need to be able to stream live tv (or at least recorded) to iOS devices and a Roku 3. Right now I use WMC to record OTA television and Plex to watch it on those devices (recorded, not live). It works for the most part but the .wtv format is so large and outdated that Plex labors to convert and stream them. I guess my question is would MediaPortal work for my situation and what format does it record in? Could Plex recognize its recorded TV or is having both running kind of overkill (I game on the same PC so I don't want to bog it down too bad). The features and UI have me seriously intrigued, I can't believe I hadn't heard of MediaPortal in my research till today. Thanks!


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March 24, 2011
MePo is just awesome, if you have the time to configure it and customize it to your needs/like. I think MePo records HD in .ts. There is a thing called WebMP that lets you stream to any browser, incluided iOS devices, I don't know if your roku 3 will be supported, there is a dnla plug-in but I don't know its capabilities, lets wait some other member to advice :)
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