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February 20, 2007
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I have a few ideas for simplifying the usage and development of MediaPortal.

1. The idea you hint at for 1.01 of a fully automatic installation is GREAT!!!! Include a super simplified installation routine for SVN's and half of the development routines will be fixed and your users ecstatic.

2. If bugs are introduced with a new SVN, a “revert to prev. SVN”-button, would be great and make it much more attractive for anyone to test new SVN’s and contribute with feedback on development and bugs.

3. Add to this an automatic error report compilation and automatic packing/sending to you, something each user who wants to participate in could check an OK box to allow. The report could be accompanied by a very complete hardware and software list over the user machine. This would generate loads of feedback on new SVN’s. If fed into an existing database on hardware/software could possibly also reveal bugs more directly?

Well? :cool:

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