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  • September 18, 2006
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    Hi guys, I just tried the MP tv client again (on another pc, gave me an error when I started it) and after some probs regarding the tcp port and the MS SQL DB settings (schema/pw) I now have connection.
    I can see the tv channels & guide but if I doubleclick on any of them, I get an error msg box
    Could not start timeshifting
    Reason: NoVideoAudioDetected

    At first I copied VLC over and just added the path but then I installed the latest version but still no changes.

    Does anyone have a clue what might be wrong?


    ps: would it not be helpful to update the howto with
    - SQL Db: schema name without RC1
    - adding the tcp port to the SQL server configuration
    - inform that the password has to be corrected
    - if needed: modify the gentle.config file

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