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    i have read about the MPSync plugin, for sharing DataBases over all the family network.
    but my issue is all my videos are added to only one DB.
    So for the childrens, i dislike this, they can have acces to all my thrillers or horror movie. and maybe for few persons : adult contents.

    We can have an dedicated movie database : where, we can specify the database file used for this shared folder.
    Example :

    Default DB : for all new shared folder : VideodatabaseV5.db3

    Create a new shared folder for children.
    Create/link to a new database : VideodatabaseChildren.db3

    Create a new shared folder for Adult/Restricted only.
    Create/link to a new database : VideodatabaseRestricted.db3
    But this one include PIN Protection. and PIN is saved inside DB. for not mapping it "by piracy".

    but leave by default the one already used by MePo.

    but, what i don't know is, how manage this dedicated database inside MP Gui.
    can be used together, or when enter inside MyVidéo, you must select the Database used. this can help for make the Pin protection on database.

    @infinite.loop : this can be an suite of your wish. ( Pin protection )

    @regeszter / @Deda : for your opinion, if is possible.


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    Thanks for the info!
    But it is still a workaround - not a proper solution I was always talking about MP needs.
    If found my own workaround by using MyFilms and TvSeries - setting up separate catalogs/layouts for parents and kids and have these PIN protected.


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  • October 29, 2005
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    It does not seem to impossible. I will play with it but my all pin related work is blocked...


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  • October 29, 2005
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    I checked the code - sorry I don't use the title view in my videos - and the handling of the protected content seem to be good. You can not see the protected content in share and title view until the pin is not entered. Which situation is not handled for you?

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