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Has anyone thought of using a database for displaying files rather then directly browsing directories? With a database style file system you can store the path to a file (unc, nfs, drive letter, http, etc). You could also allow multiple directories (and drive) be merged into one directory under MediaPortal. With a database you could also store all the information about a file within it – IMDB, ID3 and other user editable information. You could also have a rating for a file that could be used in Parental Control.

An explorer like GUI would be nice to for managing where files are in the database, for adding them to it, removing files and verifying files are still there.


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    we allready have a database for files
    We store:
    Album info, album art, artists, songname, trackname, genre, info looked up with F3.
    all IMDB info, picture rotation of pics for always shoing the corretc rotation etc etc

    This way it does not matter what folder you have and where they r, setting the view on artist, or genre will show all songs / movies.

    So we can do allready what you want.
    Scan your files, and change the view with the view by button.
    Take a look in the manual you can find on the homepage.

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