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I was wondering if someone could make the following logo's:
- Designed for Media Portal
- 100% Media Portal compatible

These logo's could be used on custom designed HTPC cases, but also for tested hardware such as remotes, video cards etc. and for software like Girder, or other stuff.

Maybe even a separate page on the website should be introduced and having this logo with a list of all this tested hardware & software!.

Stupid idea or not??


No. A great idea. I know of a few products that already use compatibility with other HTPC software on their hardware.

For example my imon remote/receiver box has a row of about 20 small icons of different compatible packages e.g. it has a myHTPC logo on it. I'm sure they would be eager to advertise the fact that it works well with another. They may even include a config file in the next version of their software release, as they have built-in configuration for all the other apps. We would just need to send them a definitive list of standard keystroke to emulate (and not change them anytime soon.)

You can just make the icons out on the bottom lip of the box:


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