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  • February 23, 2005
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    I have been installing a few of the recent CVS releases, and have noticed a few new "bugs". However, I realize that Media Portal is undergoing some heavy development work at present, and these "bugs" are likely to be already known to the developers, and probably don't need to be reported.

    On the other hand, since my environment may be different, or my usage may be different, then the "bug" may not be known to the developers.

    Also, the instructions in the Bug Forum clearly state "Please do not post CVS bugs".

    So my question to the Developers is - do you want bugs with CVS releases to be reported in the Bug Forum (fully documented, of course) or do you insist that we try to contact you via IRC to report bugs?

    Either way, I am happy to report bugs with CVS releases, if it is of value to the development process.... :)


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    January 11, 2005
    It would be also great to have access to the associated release notes... Because I also test at least twice a week the latest CVS releases, and I am always lost, searching for changed , added and corrected thinks.

    What is the status of the testing team? If you need volunteer ... here you have real volunteers!

    A MP enthousiast, Zby-)


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    August 16, 2004
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    Re: Developers - do you want feedback on CVS "bugs&quot


    The problem with bug reports concerning the latest CVS is that it's impossible to say if you're just hitting a "temporary" bug due to some work in progress or if it's a bug that will eventually make it to the next release.

    So it's easier and more efficient to check in IRC if the bug is known. Now if you cannot get answers through IRC or if you find bugs shortly before a new release is announced, please feel free to post them in the forums!

    Scheduled release dates for upcoming pre-releases and stable-releases will be communicated on the web-page (as we did for



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