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  • October 5, 2004
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    The shortcuts which are defined globally or for a special screen are loaded from the skin's shortcuts xml files:

    So somewhere within the skin engine's input handling these shortcuts are available.

    The idea:
    • A dialog displays the available / registered shortcuts and their mapped actions
    • The dialog is opened by pressing F1 on keyboard or the RedButton on remote (or the Info button two or three times, depending on OSD state and/or context menu etc).
    It might be needed to define a mapping for the GUID of screens, models and states to display proper names instead of the GUIDs itself.


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    September 18, 2011
    May I ask for it to be improved to not just show the settings but also allow edit?
    It would be another step towards beeing able to get rid of the keyboard needs for MP2 wich I belive is a major improvement in usability as a "pure" htpc. No one would ever think about plugging in a keyboard to an ATV for example


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    I think there was even a control planned to be used inside master_bare.xaml. It should show each available mapping, or at least the color buttons.
    But it was not implemented I think.

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