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January 14, 2009
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This is a little complicated and apologies in advance if I use incorrect terminology to make things even more complicated...

What I would like to do is connect my PC to the TV using HDMI and use the TV speakers for normal TV viewing but on occasion switch to my 5.1 speakers attached to the motherboard soundcard.

Complicating the issue is that the TV has noticeable input lag and so running the two systems at the same time produces an echo. I can set the 5.1 to have a delay in LAV to get that in sync with the picture but I can't find a way to quickly switch the settings.

The ideal user solution would be a keypress in MP that switches both the LAV setup and the default audio device in Windows.

Any ideas? ;)


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December 2, 2008
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I'm very interested on this question.

Currently, I'm using a "complex" workaround for this:

- Using AutoHotKeys, I created a script which opens LAV settings, marks/unmakrs the DTS and passthrough stuff, close it, opens audio devices in W7 and selects wether the HDMI output or the SPDIF output. In fact there are two scripts, one for HDMI-output and another for SPDIF-output.
- These scripts can be compiled easily into a couple of .exe files with ahk2exe (I think it's included in the AutoHotKeys download pack).
- Having this, I placed the shortcuts on my W7 desktop so and I can launch any of them whenever, swapping between HDMI and SPDIF with a single keypress.
- Finally, the hardest part: How to launch these executables from inside MP. Well, using MultiShortcut plugin for Media Portal, these executables can be converted on "real" MP plugins and of course can be launched from the menu, but MultiShortCut is now discontinued (I think) and it's a bit tricky to make it work on latest MP versions.

Recently I discovered NIRCMD (, a small utility for Windows which can also be used for this purpose (at least, for the swapping audio device part). A simple command line can activate the audio device you want. Example:
NirCmd.exe setdefaultsounddevice "Speakers"
Will activate Speakers as default audio device.

I hope somebody could find an easier way to do this.


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March 23, 2009
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indeed this nircmd a solution i used over yeras in combination with the multishortcut plugin, for multishortcut i created 2 shortcuts which I then put in my x10 remote controll to switch from there between a digital (optical connection to avr) and a analog sound device (analog connection to TV).

With my new onkyo receiver i unfortunately have the same challenge. Pc is connected via HDMI to AVR (paass through) to TV. Mostly I watch tv without switching on the avr , sometimes I Would like to have 5.1 digital sound over the AVR. So I have to switch between 2 audiop profiles as well. Analog and digital (pass through). Here I usse ffdshow I created 2 profiles . Ech of them I saved as reg file. Switching between the profilen is again solved with multishortcut.

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