[News] Digital Everywhere stops production of fire & floppy-dtv (1 Viewer)


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  • August 9, 2005
    Scotland Scotland
    Hi spooky,

    II have a digitaldevices cine s2 without ci, but I now that morpheus_xx made a snv for it.
    That snv will be integrated in mp 1.2.0.

    see this link
    what's a snv ?
    - still looking for another FloppyDTV S2 to buy :)
    I think glenn means SVN, but that's not really wha he means to say anyway :)

    Morpheus released a patch and updated binaries for MediaPortal that add complete support for the Cine cards. The patch is raw code that can be added to an SVN copy of the MediaPortal source code. The binaries can just be copied over the top of an existing install of MediaPortal.


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  • September 3, 2006
    Norway Norway
    Ok, will not waste our time.
    But I'll explain my rude statement....
    I do own a webshop, and also had some experience with mikrokopter.de, and find German businesses very hard to do business with, as they often are not willing to communicate in English, and/or give partial or wrong information, and then claim translation problems. Traveling in Germany is also hard, as they hardly know English, - knowing Germans translate absolutely everything, even dub movies, it's not that strange.

    Anyway - this is why I am rather gonna google and pay even more if necessary.
    I'm sure that all the spanish-speaking people that comes to Norway for vacation feels the same way, why can't we learn their language? After all it's one of the biggest languages in the world. Not to mention all the chinese.


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    April 14, 2005
    Denmark Denmark

    The DigitalDevices Dual DVB-S2/Mystique satix v2 dual currently does NOT work with HD channels with a symbolrate of 30000. I am working with one of the developers to solve this issue but as of right now i would not buy this card if you plan on watching HD channel from Canal Digital on Thor 1degree west.



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  • September 26, 2006
    Norway Norway
    ouch - thnx for the warning. - I'll stick to FloppyDTV/FireDTV S2 - if anyone here will sell one - just say so


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    August 8, 2007
    Norway Norway
    ouch - thnx for the warning. - I'll stick to FloppyDTV/FireDTV S2 - if anyone here will sell one - just say so
    I have two FireDTV-S2 I want to sell - I'm not using sat or server any longer, are you still in the marked for buying? The cards I have are actually almost not used at all, I experienced problems with the first pair I bought - and had them replaced on warranty from the dealer. Since then I have just tested them, and the two I have now are working perfect.


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  • April 7, 2008
    I got an e-mail notification yesterday that I have two refurbished firedvbs boxes in the post.

    Can anyone recommend a cam for uk sky and skyhd. cheers


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    September 22, 2006
    Sweden Sweden
    Anyone know if its true that firedtv will come back?:eek:


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  • August 9, 2005
    Scotland Scotland
    It would appear to be true, but you never know what can happen until you actually have product being shipped to consumers :)

    Apparently production is going to re-start in September, and there is another three weeks of that left. This production run could take a while to complete (i have no idea how long it takes to produce a batch of cards like these). Then shipment and customs as I presume these are being manufactured in the far east, then they have to be stocked somewhere to actually sell. All this takes time, so I wouldn't bank on them being available to buy for some time.

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