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October 12, 2006
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There may be better ways to do this but in case anyone finds it useful, here's how I set up my harmony remote to power on/off my setup.

I have a TV and a HTPC controlled by the Harmony. The PC has the MCE IR receiver. And it runs Mediaportal TV client. If you're running TV Server, you'll not want to do this.

I assume you can go through the basic setup yourself so I'll not bother with the menus to do this.

Both devices will be set up to turn off when not in use.

Most TV sets have discrete power on and off signals in addition to the power toggle that's normally on their own remotes. Certainly my Samsung does and these are in Logitechs database. So set your TV up as using different buttons for on and off.

The PC is the tricky bit since they only have a power toggle.

However, when the PC is in standby, pressing power will turn it on. So the standard PC power command as sent by an MCE remote is your 'power on' button.

Your 'power off' button needs to be set up as 'my device needs more than one command to turn it off'. Press this twice to get space for 6 commands. Then set the commands as follows:

'Live TV' - this is only to make sure we get away from the Home screen if we were there, otherwise we could end up in the basichome screen
'Stop' - you probably don't need this, but stop any media that was playing
'Green Button' - takes us back to home screen
'DirectionLeft' - takes us to bar at top, highlighting the 'Power' icon
'Enter' - selects the power icon, bringing up to 4 possible power options
'3' - selects 'Sleep'

Hopefully someone might get some use from this.


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  • December 6, 2007
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    this great :) thanx, good idea! .... but what I really need is the discrete power off, as sometimes HTPC is the only device running (eg waken up for a scheduled recording) and I want to fire up the whole system. Power toggle shuts htpc down :(
    I have a "hybrid" solution though as I use 1. MCE receiver and have 2. Soundgraph IR receiver inside. I use the soundgraph receiver to startup instead MCE power toggle.

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