[Approved] Display driver for vfd Futaba MDM166A in minidisplay plugin (1 Viewer)


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December 9, 2011
Germany Germany
Hi tomtg,
thx for trying trying the driver and sharing your experience.
Currently I am setting up my new development environment.
Then I will have a look for the scrolling soon.



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October 7, 2011
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hi Datenschredder,

Thanks again for your help with this plugin - have been running this smoothly for over a year. Has this now been integrated into mediaportal, and have you released a new version recently?



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December 9, 2011
Germany Germany
Hi Ay129,
thanks for sharing your experience regarding the driver.

I tried to get it officially integrated into the Minidisplay plugin, got one feedback regarding the code, did a review to keep the coding rules - but never got a feedback again. Guess the team is very busy because of MP 2. I asked once again but did not get an answer.:cry:

I must admit that I currently have nothing new to release but hopefully find some time in the autumn, when I find no work ouside :).
Some ideas are:
-Smoother Scrolling
-Additional little font and 2 rows
-Bitmap Interface

I have no MP 2 installed and wonder if the Minidisplay plugin will still be used so that it makes sense to develop or enhance drivers for this plugin.
Does anyone know?



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September 2, 2009
Hello Datenschredder, all.

I also use this Plugin for nearly 1 Year, it works as expected.

It should be integrated into MP.

One Improvement should be added:
Selectable Option: Complete Blank the Display on Suspend, the bright green Clock is boaring at night!

Thanks to Datenschredder for your work.

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