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Gary G.


I am new to Media portal,
Installed the system on the computer that has the tv card and works fine.
installed client version on another computer and set it up
I can see the programmed channels, turn on/off tv, I see the streaming channel info but no picture
when I connect to the stream using VLC, I see the streamed picture.

I fooled around in configuration but no luck! I can not see tv picture on the client machine even though it is streaming ok.

Is there something that needs to be configured to display the tv picture in the MediaPortal client?
Appreciate your he;[

Gary G.

It only does not display when streaming

If I install standalone Mediaportal on the client machine and attach the tv card to it, then there is no issue.

If it was a codec issue, then it should have had the same problem on the standalone installation also.

again, from the client machine, I can use VLC to display the stream, it is the MediaPortal gui that does not display the stream.


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July 22, 2011
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Sorry to bump an old thread but did you ever get this sorted? I have exactly the same issue. On the client machines when in windows mode I can even see the title bar change to say full screen TV but its locked on the EPG screen. I can use escape and navigate through the software options but again the main screen stays frozen on the EPG, I can tell what I am doing only by the title bar.

I have 2 TV Servers, an existing one and a new one, all the clients work ok on the existing one but do this on the new one.

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