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February 5, 2009
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Ok, so I got this Lumanate Wave NTSC/ATSC Tuner, Dell Branded, from my dad. Works great with my PC's (all 3 of them). My problem satellite comes in via my DirecTV Tivo unit which I'm perfectly happy with. So I'm stuck with like a 4 second delay between when I control my Tivo, and when it responds in MediaPortal. Besides Windows Media Center this is the only other application I've gotten to work with my Tuner. I already searched and found out the current version doesn't allow you to disable timeshifting, so I was wondering, what are the best settings to minimize it so it doesn't impact my usage of my Tivo too much.

Also I like using the TV Server since it basically allows me to use it on any computer can load the client on in my house, including a couple of laptops. So the inBuild engine or whatever isn't an option as far as I can tell (from what I can tell it is local only, no over-network stuff).


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January 31, 2009
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I thought Timeshift was supposed to be an option in MP Configuration, but it has always been greyed-out for me. (I have always assumed that this was becuse I had timeshifting turned off in my DVICO Fusion Tuner Card, but I'm not sure if this is so.)

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