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My media portal machine doesn't have a mouse and keyboard, and I'd very much like to use the remote control to do as much as possible. Currently you have to use the 'Y' key on the keyboard to add to playlists. It would be super if you could add to playlist by double clicking, so to speak, with the remote control. I have the MCE remote control, so I would press the OK button twice quickly to add to playlist.

It could also be usefull for other things, like in the tvGuide - double click could be a quick way to schedule the one-time recording of a show.

While we're at at it, there is also the issue of using the 'x' to go to full-screen visualizations and to return to the currently playing video/dvd. I'm curious why you can't navigate to the small visualization or video in the lower left hand corner of the Music/Video screens? Is it because it's not always going to be there?

Anyway, one solution for the 'x' problem could be to make mp goto fullscreen if you hit the 'back' button when at the media portal main menu, as long as there is music or video playing. Is this something that could be done with skins?

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