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I was wondering if DScaler http://deinterlace.sourceforge.net/ could be part of media portal. I'v been playing around with it a bit and it works good. Seeing how it open I thought maybe it could be usefull. It works with a bunch of cards and the auto tune works like a charm. Anyway thought I'd through this out there.

Oh just saw this on the web page for v5
Where are we going?

The plan for DScaler 5 keeps evolving and developement is slow but we plan to attempt to attack some of the following issues next year (2005).

* DScaler 4 quality film detection and deinterlacing on MPEG streams
* A method of decoding external spdif audio sources
* Assist other projects (probably MediaPortal & Media Player Classic) in creating a front end for the decoders.
* Add support for DVB features (subtitles, teletext etc) as required.
Did we already know about this?

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