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June 6, 2015
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ive got problems with the new tv standard DVBT2 HEVC in Germany.
TV Shows with stereo 2.0 run smooth but tv shows with 5.1 Sound
the sound is stuttering. Im using a hdmi y-cable that links to
TV and Sony Receiver. In the audio settings in Kodi i chose at the top
"Sony Receiver HDMI" an 5.1 channels (did also try 2.0) and
at the bottom allow passthrough and also "Sony Receiver HDMI".
Im using mediaportal 16pre and kodi 17.1. Can i choose another
codec or switch off surround sound?! Is the Mediaportal PVR Addon
for Kodi still ready for pass over 5.1 Sound properly?

Kodi 17.1, Mediaportal 1.16pre, Windows 10, i3 , Asrock110M, 8GB Ram

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