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September 18, 2004
Ok ok, I know, many people wrote about it here & in IRC, but here how i could imagine the way it works:

I think it should be possible to do all epg things ( look search, programm and jump into live tv) without starting the TV application first.
Because like with old VHS, when I record a TV, It's because just at this time I want to do something else, maybe I'm not at home, but rather I'm at home, and want to hear music while it's done

Also 1 screen with menus : EPG, search (by title, genre), Now on TV, This Evening and so on.
As we use SQL it would be fantastic to allow user in settings to set simple "Macro queries" so I can have a button "this week Action", "today 22:15".

P.S. : Thanks for MP!

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