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April 8, 2015
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Sometimes the EPG is missing data from one or more channels, usually from the seventh day, but sometimes even earlier, so I wonder how hard it would be to have previous versions of the EPG data cached and use those to fill in the blanks (possibly colored as orange to draw attention that the info is outdated yet not contradicted)?

Of course if the EPG data from the DVB-T(2) streams could be refreshed faster than it seems take currently when it is run manually in the TVservice setup, then allowing the user to force a recheck within the client would be a better option. Ideally such a refresh could be initiated in single channel view for the selected channel and the user could go on scheduling the other channels while waiting for the refresh to finish.

Edit1: Attempt to fix the unnecessary long gap between paragraphs...
Edit2: Preview seems to not match the end result, so I guess I have to admit defeat...
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